Florida – on our way to New York

Our first stop in Florida is Tampa (St Petersburg). From here we move on to Fort Desote, a beautiful county park with waterfront campsites and wonderful white sand beaches – a gorgeous place! On our way to Fort Meyers we stop at the Café of an former coworker of Yolanda. Continuing on the road to Fort Meyers, we find this amazing place at coconut beach. So far, so good. We had some heavy rain in Florida and do not feel yet quite adopted to this climate – hot and humid, thunderstorms that flood the streets and our campsite,… This are some reasons for us to decide to head back north to a climat that better matches with us. on our way back to the east coast, we spend a few days at the Disney Campground. Here, we cleaning up our trailer and make it ready for delivery. Of course, we don’t miss Magic Kingdom – and Mara and Elin enjoy the rides on the roller coaster! Lucky enough we quit Tampa area early and before hurricane Hermine hit the region.

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  • Florida

We now head to Cocoa beach and drop off our trailer on Sept 1st in Sattelite Beach. One highlight is certainly the Kennedy Space Center. We get to see all those rockets, learn more about the Space Shuttles, and have a great day at the exhibition.

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  • Kennedy Space Center

We now continue on the road and head North towards NewYork and briefly stop in Savannah.

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  • Savannah

Further, we decide to go back to Myrtle beach and rent a cabin at the camp ground for a few days.

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  • Myrtle Beach – Sept

Sale – Suburban 2008 & Northland Travel Trailer

We are now approaching the end of our adventure. It is time to head back north towards New York and try to sell our loved travel trailer and Suburban on the road. The pictures and adds are set up (including craigslist). We hope to sale the trailer in Florida and then travel north to New York from where we fly out in a few weeks.

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  • Sales

St. Augustine FL – what a bijou

Now, we are ready to explore Florida. Our first stop is San Agustin – unfortunate we take a detour from our original plan but we don’t get disappointed by San Agustin. St. Augustine is the oldest continuously occupied European established settlement within the borders of the contiguous United States. It offers a lovely pedestrian area. We decide to stay in the state park – what a unique place! The campground offers a lot of privacy and each site is surrounded by trees and palms – it feels like being in the jungle. The beach is just a short walk/ride away. This is probably one of the most peaceful places we came across during our road trip!

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  • San Augustin FL

The coast: Myrtle Beach – our vacation starts now!

We made it! After roughly 7,000 miles on the road (approx.11,000 Km), we reach the east coast. Myrtle beach is rather a holiday destination and quite busy during summer vacation. Luckily, we find a great spot to stay – a campground with over 2,000 sites straight at the beach! Our site is located not too far from the pool area which includes a water park. We landed in a new world. A world full of action, golf carts and excitement. We enjoy every day at the beach, go surfing, playing, bathing, sliding and extend our stay at this place twice. And while we keep extending our stay, we notice that School must have started and the pace at the campground also slows down.

In Myrtle beach, we also learn that kids are not allowed to touch alcohol (or to be more precise bottles containing alcohol). As usual, we use the self-check-out. The kids, love it! Mara checks out our goods until the wine triggers an alert (which is typical when you scan any kind of alcohol) to call an employee validating our ID. The employee notices that Mara holds the wine bottle for checking it out and immediately, the lovely lady informs us that kids are not allowed to do so. It also feels strange that the lady checks on both, Yolanda’s and my ID. We all wonder for the rationale behind checking both IDs – there must be a reason. But in some cases we still feel being strangers in this country.

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  • Myrtle Beach

Week 2 – Lassen National Park & Black Bear!

After leaving the coast, temperatures start rising. The thermometer rose up to 101 degrees Fahrenheit on our way to Redding where we stopped for two days on a 5 star campground with pool! For the first time ever we turned on the air conditioning in our trailer and experienced a 5 star service on the campground inclusive the Newspaper delivery every morning! In Redding we visited the amazing Sundial bridge and did a day trip to the Shasta caves. The kids enjoyed the boat trip to get to the caves as well as the 609 steps during the tour thru the cave;-) On our way to Chester we experienced diverse landscapes and big climbs up to the Lassen National Park entrance. Since there was no drive thru on Lassen (the road opens on June 12th) we spent most of the time in the visitor center (an amazing and super interesting visitor center) getting Mara thru the Junior Ranger program 😉 before heading to Chester. Here, we found a gorgeous campground right at lake Almanor. June 10th is our BIG DAY! We decided to go for a hike (approx. 7 km) on Warner Valley (Lassen National Park). We headed towards Devil’s Kitchen. Mara and Elin were leading the hike until we crossed a family that just spotted a blond black bear! With respect we moved on, each of us a holding a kid watching out for the bear – and here we go – the Bear was approx. 150m away from the trail digging and playing. Slightly scared and precautious we moved on to Devil’s Kitchen – a beautiful volcanic landscape with mod pods and steam!

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  • Lassen National Park

On our way back, we chatted with a ranger and shared our experiences about the bear (he didn’t see the bear on his way) and he taught us that they never experienced aggressions or any accidents with bears in the park – just don’t surprise them! 5 minutes later on our way back, Felix got surprised by a black bear just a few feet in front of him. Stop! Move back! Just trying to keep an eye where the bear heads to since we needed to pass by and didn’t wanted to surprise him behind a tree. After a little while we were save to move on and continue our journey! We then realized how unique this experience was- to meet a golden black bear just on the same trail, in natural surroundings, looking at each other and observe how it behaves in his „living room“. What an incredible day!

Hawaii – Mokulele Island hopper

The island hopper Mokulele Airlinies brought us from Big Island to Maui. The flight on a 9 seat airplane was a great experience for all os us. It already started at the open air check in counter. Every single peace of luggage needed to be weighted… After take off, we got a gorgeous view over the island and it’s beautiful beaches followed by a rather rough flight (windy weather conditions).

Good bye Sammamish

… We have been kept busy for the last couple of weeks getting prepared to move back to Switzerland as well as packing for our adventure, including setting up the Garage Sales, Craigslist, clean up the house, organizing our bye bye party, … On April 30th, we finally moved out, celebrated Felix’s Birthday and hosted our bye bye party at the Fall city campground – what a Day! Thank you all for your support and for joining the party!

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  • What a special Day!



Ski Season 2015 | 2016

…what a season start… on Saturday Mara and I spontaneously decided to head out. So we went to Sports Authority, got the rental equipment for the Season for Mara and took I90 East to Snoqualmie Pass… Also note the day pass tickets – have never seen something like this before in Europe (same principle as the airline industry applies to te luggage). I have updated a few pictures too.

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  • Ski Season 2015 | 2016

X-mas Party 2015 im EMP

We had a great time at the X-mas Party in the EMP Museum (Experience Music Project Museum) this weekend. The EMP is a nonprofit museum, dedicated to contemporary popular culture. EMP Museum was founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in 2000.

Images tell more than 1,000 words…

Kids Mountainbike Tag im Duthie Hill

Evergreen MTB hat einen Kids Event im Duthie Hill Bike Park veranstaltet – natürlich mussten wir auch hin. Elin wollte nicht alleine zu Haus bleiben, so dass ich mit Mara und Elin losfuhr. Eine erste Runde durch die Trails – beide Girls hatten ein Riesen – Gaudi – Mara mit ihrem Bike und Elin auf dem Laufrad, welches bereits das vierte oder fünfte Kind erdulden muss…

@Duthie Hill
@Duthie Hill

Nach der ersten Abfahrt ging es dann in den Grundkurs (Kids Clinics), wo die Grundlagen erlernt und geübt wurden. Dabei wurde Elin etwas übermütig und hat es tatsächlich geschafft, ihr Laufrad kaputt zu kriegen – die Enttäuschung war riesig… Ein paar Tage später erhalte ich von Evergreen MTB den Newsletter  und finde folgenden Kurzfilm: