The roots of Rock’n Roll

We discover a lovely town named Little Rock. It is the Capital of Arkansas. Here, we enjoy the ride in a wooden street car that brings us into down town. After a little walk in down town we get hungry. However, after the first attempt, we notice that only fast food chains allow us to enter with kids. All Restaurants in down town min age is 21. Luckily, the streetcar captain has some great recommendations and we end up having a great evening and dinner at a lovely place 😉
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  • Little Rock
From here we take short drive of approximately 2 hours to get to Memphis where the King of Rock’n Roll was born. We visit Graceland – Elvis Presley’s home – a well orchestrated tour including Audio guides with iPads. The heat here is extreme, even though we are used to high temperatures up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 C). But 100 F in current region feels much warmer due to the humidity. We definitely need to adopt to this new climate. Even just sitting around makes one sweat – kind of a sauna. I am sure, we all will soon get used to this climate. But for now, the key to this temperature is spending your time in the pool!
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  • Memphis
Note: For the last few moth’s already Yolanda and I are having some repeated conversations and questions going on such as what week day is today? I bet you all raise this question when you are on vacation. But the key to this question is to plan the weekend ahead since most camp grounds fill up quickly on the weekends.

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