The coast: Myrtle Beach – our vacation starts now!

We made it! After roughly 7,000 miles on the road (approx.11,000 Km), we reach the east coast. Myrtle beach is rather a holiday destination and quite busy during summer vacation. Luckily, we find a great spot to stay – a campground with over 2,000 sites straight at the beach! Our site is located not too far from the pool area which includes a water park. We landed in a new world. A world full of action, golf carts and excitement. We enjoy every day at the beach, go surfing, playing, bathing, sliding and extend our stay at this place twice. And while we keep extending our stay, we notice that School must have started and the pace at the campground also slows down.

In Myrtle beach, we also learn that kids are not allowed to touch alcohol (or to be more precise bottles containing alcohol). As usual, we use the self-check-out. The kids, love it! Mara checks out our goods until the wine triggers an alert (which is typical when you scan any kind of alcohol) to call an employee validating our ID. The employee notices that Mara holds the wine bottle for checking it out and immediately, the lovely lady informs us that kids are not allowed to do so. It also feels strange that the lady checks on both, Yolanda’s and my ID. We all wonder for the rationale behind checking both IDs – there must be a reason. But in some cases we still feel being strangers in this country.

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