Florida – on our way to New York

Our first stop in Florida is Tampa (St Petersburg). From here we move on to Fort Desote, a beautiful county park with waterfront campsites and wonderful white sand beaches – a gorgeous place! On our way to Fort Meyers we stop at the Café of an former coworker of Yolanda. Continuing on the road to Fort Meyers, we find this amazing place at coconut beach. So far, so good. We had some heavy rain in Florida and do not feel yet quite adopted to this climate – hot and humid, thunderstorms that flood the streets and our campsite,… This are some reasons for us to decide to head back north to a climat that better matches with us. on our way back to the east coast, we spend a few days at the Disney Campground. Here, we cleaning up our trailer and make it ready for delivery. Of course, we don’t miss Magic Kingdom – and Mara and Elin enjoy the rides on the roller coaster! Lucky enough we quit Tampa area early and before hurricane Hermine hit the region.

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  • Florida

We now head to Cocoa beach and drop off our trailer on Sept 1st in Sattelite Beach. One highlight is certainly the Kennedy Space Center. We get to see all those rockets, learn more about the Space Shuttles, and have a great day at the exhibition.

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  • Kennedy Space Center

We now continue on the road and head North towards NewYork and briefly stop in Savannah.

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  • Savannah

Further, we decide to go back to Myrtle beach and rent a cabin at the camp ground for a few days.

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  • Myrtle Beach – Sept

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