Monterey & Carmel

On our drive to to Carmel we experience the California driving style and traffic which is slightly more aggressive than in the North West. Arriving in Carmel, we sattle down on a small but lovely capround surrounded but some Europeans. Mara and Elin jump out the door and head out to check out for kids to play with. We enjoy strolling in Monterey as well as in the pictoresque Carmel. What a lovely place! Later in the afternoon we check out the Carmel beach! What a nice beach with lovely white sand. The kids enjoy playing in the sand and watching the surfers. By the water, we see people starring to the ocean. We get curious too and walk down. Are this sharks out there? Or whales? Noooo, we discover 3 dolphins playing and swimming along Carmel Beach! Look there! Where? Oh over there I see 1… oh no there are 3 dolphins…The kids love it!

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