Nashville – The home of country music!

City Campgrounds are typically located next to the highway. Often noisy but close to the city. Not only the highway is noisy at night, but also the AC in the trailer. However, we learn to appreciate the AC to cool down the trailer to get at least some sleep. The kids enjoy swimming in the pool. In order to learn more about Nashville, we decide to book a tour (with Tommy). The brochure promises to be the most entertaining and authentic Nashville experience! Tommy truly starts very entertaining while he picks up all the guests along the Campgrounds, Motels and Hotels. However, in some instances it is hard to follow his talk track. It may be related to the strong accent. Nashville is an amazing city and we decide to drive into downtown for dinner. We explore the boulevard – what an experience strolling around on the street and listening to the country music and vivid ambience in the hongky tonk.

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