California – Los Angles & Disneyland

We stay for a couple of days in Long Beach – a lovely city south of LA. Form here we explore LA by Metro – we take the blue line to Downtown which is stated as the most dangerous metro line in the whole country. After arriving safely in downtown LA we spend there a few hours including a break at the Market. Then, we move on with the red line to do the walk of fame. Here LA gets really crowded and busy! The next day we really need a break and enjoy a day hanging around at and in the pool. Mara and Elin are super excited about the following day.

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Ring ring! It’s 6 a.m. and time to get up! Soon after, we head out to Anaheim – Disneyland – and get there at 7.30 (doors open at 8 a.m.). Now we need to be patient and wait in line until the doors open. Finally, we enter Disneyland and start exploring the various coasters and exhibits – Pinocchio, Matterhorn, Future world including Star wars and many others. The faster the more excited the girls become!! I am surprised how many roller coaters got technical issues in the afternoon and need to be shut down for some time.

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