Week 2 – California (Redwoods)

…We now notice how dependent we became on technology such as mobile phones, internet, … Unfortunately the internet connectivity on the campgrounds is often weak and it is hard to do some research and plan our trip on the go. We also noticed that the coverage of T-Mobile outside of major cities is rather limited which makes it also challenging to make a reservation of a campground by phone. Arriving in Crescent city we briefly stop at the visitor center to check vacancy on campgrounds. Happy to hear that Mill creek has first come, first serve sites that open up at 2.p.m., so we hurry up to grab a site! There is still some time to explore the area in the afternoon as well as for a small hike. We also enjoy our trip along the Howland Hill Road (dirt road) and spend plenty of time hiking and admiring the giant redwood trees that can get up to 2000 years old and reach a diameter of 6m at the button. Happy to discover once in a while a Starbucks coffee to spend some time researching for campgrounds and alerts on the route. We already noticed that campgrounds may already be booked out on weekends and it will become even harder in a few weeks (vacation).

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  • Redwoods – California