Heading East – along the Route 66

So far, we are over 5,000 miles on the road since our start in May and looking for another 5 to 10,000 miles ahead of us! We decide to head east and move towards Florida to spend a week or so at the beach. Our first stop is Williams. We enjoy this lovely cowboy city on the route 66 with lots of nice restaurants and shops. We continue our trip and get to spend some time in the Petrified Forest National park – our last opportunity to admire these colorful sandstone formations before crossing the country. For the next few days we are expecting long drives (4-6 hours a day) and stop in Grants and Amarillo. Time has come to plan our route a bit ahead. We decide to change our initial route and continue on I-40 heading to Oklahoma. Mara and Elin get to listen tons of stories (Bibi und Tina and Yakari) and enjoy the ride so far. Our upcoming destinations are Memphis, Nashville, Smokie Mountains, … And some when we will head south again to get to Florida!

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  • Heading east – crossing the country